Profit Wire


ProfitWire delivers the highest level of press release distribution to hundreds of prominent media and international websites. We take pride in our cost-effective, easy-to-use and efficient distribution services for targeting online and digital community which is bound to ensure an improved ROI for your company.


Having a great product is one thing and showing it to the world is another. We help you create that awareness and show it to the world of investment. ProfitWire is the first wire service built from the ground up with the top-level expertise to cater to the growing demands of financial and investment markets. We help public and private companies reach investors on financial media as well as social media platforms. ProfitWire also provides trackable data to help companies optimize their outreach and grow their resourcefulness. We are especially proficient in working with mid-cap, small-cap and micro-cap companies as well as ICOs.


ProfitWire directly collaborates with various prominent and leading financial media sites and networks which gives us a unique position to issue your press releases in front of investors who are seeking factual information about companies. We guarantee placement of your press on more than 50 recognized branded sites. We also guarantee targeted engagement with investors on social media platforms.